Going Blue

Helping to create a corruption-free business environment in East Africa.

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Blue Company Logo
Blue Company Logo

Going Blue

Helping to create a corruption-free business environment in East Africa.

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The Blue Company

Corruption continues to be an obstacle to our economy as it impedes innovation, affects the allocation of resources leading to widening income disparities, slows economic development and results in an overall increase in the cost of doing business. The latest report by Transparency International indicates that Kenya has dropped one point in the global Corruption Perceptions Index for 2018.

Kenya obtained a score of 27 out of 100, a decline from 28 points scored in 2017. The statistics therefore demonstrate that efforts to tackle corruption have not yielded results. There is therefore a need by all stakeholders to strengthen institutions that maintain checks and balances over political power; enforce anti-corruption legislation; and support civil society.


Benefits of being a Blue Company

The formalities of becoming a registered Blue Company are very simple.
There are only three requirements:
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Competitive Advantage

Inclusion within a large group of respected entities who, with the public interest at heart, are visibly taking a stand against the scourge of bribery and corruption in our part of the world,through the use of the Blue Company logo.

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Network Purchase

Since Blue Companies will give preference to each other in business dealings, it provides a unique opportunity to benefit from network group purchase deals.

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Brand Visibility

Regular publicity around the Blue Company concept will discourage solicitation from such companies thus helping to reduce the cost of doing business.

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Employees and other stakeholders of Blue Companies will be proud to associate themselves with such companies thus strengthening the image of their respective brands.

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No certification fees

Registration as a certified Blue Company will be carried out on an annual basis free of cost. Once certified, your Company will be able to use the Blue Company logo in your advertising, printed materials and premises in line with the Logo Policy.

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A guide to obtaining The Blue Certification and making it work for your enterprise

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Advisory Board

Mr. Nizar Juma
Chairman Jubilee Holdings
Dr. Julius Kipng'etich
CEO Jubilee Holdings
Mr. George Oraro
Senior Counsel
Mr. Jacques De Navacelle
MD Mauritius Union Insurance
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Partnership With The United Nations Office On Drugs And Crime

The Blue Company project and The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Regional Office for Eastern Africa (UNODC ROEA) have entered an agreement on a partnership to engage the Kenyan private sector in the fight against corruption. UNODC ROEA and the Blue Company project will support companies to put in place anti-bribery and whistle-blowing policy guidelines.

The trainings will begin with a pilot phase, where five selected Blue Company members will receive support to develop and implement tailored anti-bribery and whistle-bowing policy guidelines which follow international best practices. The partnership aims to contribute to the realization of SDG 16 - to foster a culture of lawfulness, help build accountable and transparent institutions, and enable people everywhere to access opportunities and live healthy and productive lives.

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