The Blue Company

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The Blue Company

The Blue Company project is an initiative founded by Mr. Nizar Juma who has been joined by volunteer individuals who are captains of private sector corporations and institutions, people who have the public interest at heart with the objective of encouraging companies to fight corruption in all its forms.

The private sector has recently sponsored the Bribery Bill in Parliament, the objectives of which include the extension of the fight against corruption and the provision of specific requirements for private entities to adopt bribery prevention procedures.

The Blue Company is focused on fighting corruption in the long-run, capacity building activities, and embracing the judicial infrastructure and political will to hold those who transgress accountable.


What keeps us

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To create corruption free environments and promote transparency, accountability and integrity at all levels of society.
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To promote integrity, ethics and good governance through training and advocacy.
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Core Values
Integrity.  Courage.  Teamwork.  Innovation.  Professionalism. 
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Our Objectives

  • To promote a culture of integrity in the private sector.
  • To equip members with appropriate knowledge, skills and attitude to combat corruption and unethical conduct.
  • To enhance the capacity of agencies, institutions and practitioners to combat and prevent corruption and unethical practices.
  • To forge partnerships, networks and coalitions with enforcement agencies, training institutions, international bodies and other sectors.
  • To promote evidence based anti-corruption interventions
  • To promote best practice in governance, leadership, integrity and anti-corruption.
  • To enhance the capacity of companies to properly implement anti-bribery and whistle blowing policy guidlines

Associations Who Are Members